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About Us

We work hard to assemble hard-working, professional tradesmen who are proud of providing our clients with exceptional work. We have decades of experience and it shows in the quality of our finished jobs and in the homeowners pride. We serve the Oakville, Burlington, Ancaster, Dundas, Hamilton, Brantford and Cambridge areas.

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Meet the Team

Thumbnail for Tim Sieders Tim Sieders

Tim Sieders

President - Design/Sales

Tim owns Maple Ridge Living with his wife, Leah, and started the company in 2002. Before this, Tim worked with 2 award-winning landscape firms, giving him more than 22 years experience in the industry. Currently he manages and sells, and works closely with his design and production team, helping clients realize their landscaping and renovation dreams.

Thumbnail for John Harsevoort John Harsevoort

John Harsevoort

Design Manager

John started at Maple Ridge in 2006, making him our longest standing employee to date. Now the lead of our Design Division, John's construction knowledge, passion for the outdoors and proficiency in modern design software make him a valuable design partner for our clients.

Thumbnail for Avery White Avery White

Avery White

Production Manager and Sales

Currently as Production Manager, Avery oversees client care and production in our landscape division, along with meeting new clients as a key member of the sales team. Avery serves as an essential part of our management team, managing clients, crews, vendors, and subcontractors, all with a positive and energetic attitude.

Thumbnail for Teresa Van Veen Teresa Van Veen

Teresa Van Veen

Office Manager

Teresa is an excellent communicator and has a real passion for serving. She uses these skills to ensure that clients are well cared for, and the team is fully efficient and organized. Since 2015, Teresa has been an integral part of how smoothly our operations run, and is a welcome voice for clients, employees and our network.

Thumbnail for Justin Benjamins Justin Benjamins

Justin Benjamins

Operations Manager

As Operations Manager, Justin is focused on efficiency and production processes. He assumed this role in 2021 with great enthusiasm, and is an integral part of project estimating, organization, and execution. He partners with the sales, design and production team to ensure that all details of a project are addressed. He also loves getting in the field to build and get his hands dirty from time to time.

Thumbnail for Gerben DeGelder Gerben DeGelder
Gerben DeGelder
Project Management/Sales
Thumbnail for Reuben Bonvanie Reuben Bonvanie
Reuben Bonvanie
Project Supervisor
Thumbnail for Philip Kingswood Philip Kingswood
Philip Kingswood
Crew Leader
Thumbnail for Rob Gray Rob Gray
Rob Gray
Crew Leader
Thumbnail for Philip Bergman Philip Bergman
Philip Bergman
Crew Leader
Thumbnail for Nathan Bonvanie Nathan Bonvanie
Nathan Bonvanie
Lead Hand
Thumbnail for Joshua Bout Joshua Bout
Joshua Bout
Lead Hand
Thumbnail for Caleb Sieders Caleb Sieders
Caleb Sieders
Lead Hand
Thumbnail for Travis Benjamins Travis Benjamins
Travis Benjamins
Lead Hand
Thumbnail for Jake Richardson Jake Richardson
Jake Richardson
Lead Hand
Thumbnail for Olivia H Olivia H
Olivia H
Thumbnail for Josh K Josh K
Josh K
Thumbnail for Ben B Ben B
Ben B

A Little History

Since 2002

Maple Ridge is located in rural Ancaster, making it easily accessible to serve our clients in the Golden Horseshoe area. Begun in 2002 with just one employee, Maple Ridge has grown over the past 22 years to a team of 15 employees.


In recent years, Maple Ridge has been asked by our past clients to help them with their interior spaces. The transition in joining the exterior and interior spaces to create a fluid entertaining environment became a logical next step in offering our clients the same design standards and quality for both spaces.

Future ready

With skilled leadership, Maple Ridge is now well positioned for the future. We are committed to making the most of our client’s living space through our quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.

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Maple Ridge is always looking for talented, hard-working individuals. We offer a great environment to work, learn, and grow your skills in a thriving industry. Call us today if you’re interested in learning more about a job at Maple Ridge.

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