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Dundas Dream

100-250k Package
This was a most challenging and rewarding experience, culminating in the completion of the clients’ dream summer retreat.
2009 Award Winner for Residential Construction $100,000-$250,000
In 2009 this entire projerty was awarded for Landscape construction $100-250,000. Phase 1 of this Dundas landscaping project did not involve the installation of the swimming pool. This proposed a challenge: the driveway was done, the irrigation system and landscape lighting was finished, and the only point of access was a 6′ opening between the two properties.

Make it work

This meant a myriad of logistics had to be organized. The pool equipment and services all had to go “through” what was built. We used an existing dry river bed, originally created to replace a necessary apron swale, to run pool plumbing and other services, so as not to disturb the already established planting. Steel plates were put down to bring machinery over the stone driveway and walkways to ensure stability. The entire one side of the landscaped area was removed and stored on the driveway, road and side yard (holding garden). After the new pool was installed, it all went back in with minor changes.

Falling water

In addition to the design challenges, other features were added to complement the existing award winning yard: a beautiful cascading water fall was installed so as to appear as part of the existing retaining wall, oversized flagstone was mortared in to break up the walkway and patio areas, and existing trees were relocated behind the pool to give a mature feel.

All in the details

Fencing/gates were adjusted to suit pool code, pool placement was chosen based on the location of a 20’ high stone wall, drainage pipe was extended under and along the pool structure to direct water flow properly and irrigation/lighting systems were adjusted to accommodate the new hard and soft elements of the yard.

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