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Grill & Chill

100-250k Package

Designed to maximize enjoyment and functionality without compromising beauty.

2024 Award Winner for special interest category $100,000-$250,000

Our client bid farewell to struggles with flimsy umbrellas and canopies, embracing a new era of luxurious outdoor living. Entrusted with transforming their backyard space, the results are both breathtaking and functional.

Poolside Paradise

For the lower patio, where the sun beats down by the pool, we designed and built a rustic timber pavilion with contemporary flair. Complete with a Sonos speaker system seamlessly integrated for entertainment, a cozy fire table with a ceiling fan for comfort, and a concealed cabinet for all electronics, this space is designed for endless relaxation and enjoyment, rain or shine.
Rustic Timber Pavillion

Multiple Levels

On the upper patio, a culinary oasis awaits with a custom stone and steel grill island featuring a sleek cantilevered roof. No posts clutter the patio, thanks to innovative design, and every detail, from natural stone counters to modern screen and cedar ceilings, exudes sophistication.

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