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Milton Magic

100-250k Package
A unified and grown up space, made for both relaxation and family gatherings.
2023 Award Winner for construction category $100,000 - $250,000
With their children grown and their tastes more “mature”, our clients were seeking a space to entertain, relax and gather with friends and family. We designed an outdoor living room made up of multiple defined spaces, using elevation, textures and visual breaks to separate the various entertaining areas, while still achieving a unified vision.

Grown-up space

Lounging under the timber framed pavilion with a warm fire and a good book, dining under the open-air pergola with good friends, star-gazing in the hot tub, or enjoying a sunny afternoon on the patio or composite lumber deck; the owners loved having a relaxing space all their own.

Mixed Elements

Modern, smooth pavers and decking provide a clean aesthetic while rough-hewn timbers and natural stone boulders and steps keep the vibe soft and natural.

Water Feature

A bubbling rock water feature provides ambiance as well as white noise to keep neighborhood distractions to a minimum.

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